YouTube PIP Mode finally coming to non-premium users

YouTube has been in a league of its own for the longest time. The only competitor I can think of that’s comes close is Spotify. And they aren’t even there yet. What excites me the most about the application is the fact that over time it begins to learn you. The more you use the application, it has an algorithm that will often display similar content. I find this quite intriguing. Let’s say we build an AI one day an feed it all this user data, won’t it know a lot about people? I can’t wait to see the day. One downside about the app is that it can’t function from the background. For non-premium users, it has to take up the whole screen for it to work. But no more, with the YouTube PIP Mode coming to the non-premium side of things.

YouTube PIP Mode here to save us all

Developers tend to separate their users according to who is spending the most money. The same case applies to games. If you play a game like Clash of Clans without buying gems it will take you forever to progress. But if you use the money to buy gems and the like, your progress will be boosted to up to ten times depending on how much you use. It seems that the same case applies to YouTube. With some key features being abstracted for use by the premium subscribers. It seems fair if you consider these people have to pay to access the feature. The people that use the product for free have no rights. You get what you pay for, as is the way of the world. For example, the YouTube PIP Mode had been available to the premium subscribers for a long time.

It is not up until recently that the developers have had a change of heart and are now releasing it to the free subscribers as well. I believe this to be a sign of value for the customers. The YouTube PIP Mode is a really valuable feature to anyone that uses YouTube. It is more than once I have had to pause what I’m watching so that I can reply to a text. Honestly, it is really annoying that one cannot run the app in the background. But with the coming of this feature, all this will be troubles of the past. Users like me are very excited about this and can’t wait for it to be deployed in our regions.