You’re not alone if you’re experiencing issues with POV or Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll service acting glitchy

Crunchyroll has joined the list of streaming services that have been faulty of late. Among them being the legendary ShowBox. ShowBox has had a rough time since November of last year where they boldly faced legal issues. Is this the same issue with Crunchyroll? Let’s see. A user recently complained on Twitter that the service has been down for a whole three days. Can you imagine how devastated Netflix users would be if this happened to them. Can it really? Netflix has time and again proven their superiority by offering reliable service. Although it comes at a subscription price, I believe it is quite fair. The goods for goods law has always been the best way.

Crunchyroll lovers are often anime lovers. Considering how dedicated anime watchers are to their shows, I can only imagine how angry they are. The developers are yet to acknowledge that there is a problem. However, we hope that an update will be rolled out soon to fix the problem. One particular user posted that an update was released but it had even more glitches. This is how such services lose their following, let’s hope they will remedy the problem before everyone jumps ship.

PlentyOfFish(POF) also down

This particular service has also been reported to be down. The app is usually a dating service that has slowly been gaining a following. However, theirs seems to have been scheduled. I wish everyone had this kind of manners. Being in the computer science field, I understand that these services have a lot of moving parts. The problem might be the server or a glitch in the 10000 lines of code. Development teams have learnt to pinpoint such errors over the years though.

With conventions such as waterfall method in software development, it is easier to trace errors. The new age is slowly approaching and you had better be ready. I only hope that such services will increase in efficiency. In the comment section below, tell us your thoughts on the matter.