Xiaomi finally releases global kernel source codes for the Mi Box

We all remember the analog TVs we have so ruthlessly thrown out of stocks. At a time they made people the coolest kids on the block. My grandfather was the first guys to buy a TV on our block, so my dad and his siblings really enjoyed themselves. Everyone knew that they were the rich kids with a TV, who wouldn’t want to be your friend after hearing such praises. Since the invention of smart TVs, Google has done a lot to boost the platform. The Android TV and eventually Mi Box are clear indications of how the digital age is moving forward with speed.

The Mi Box was a big hit when it was released into markets. Mainly because of the friendly $69 price tag. In the past, configuring the Arial was quite the task. I remember I would stand there for almost 10 minutes asking people whether it’s better now. I remember feeling quite pathetic. But now, in this new modern age things have changed. We all understand how important updates are to a software. They help sort bugs and improve the service. A number of updates have been rolled out since the first version was released. A sure show of growth and progress.

Xiaomi however does not provide an official way to unlock the bootloader in these boxes. In the field of technology today we know that people will not really wait that long. The creative bunch will most of the time crack it then post the crack for the public to access. Xiaomi is planning to release the kernel source codes soonest possible. At least this way the users won’t have to look too far. This is only for the curious minds though, to some people this seems like a foreign language they’ve never heard of.

If by any chance you have a Mi Box hooked up on your TV, tell us how your experience has been. Feel free to write as much as you like in the comments section below.