Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 release date expected in 2020

Lewis Ward, an Analyst, says that Microsoft and Sony will show their next-gen consoles at E3 2020. This means that the time for PlayStation 5 is near. The consoles will then hit markets as from 2021. Speculations around the story indicated that the two companies would woo us this year. Are they wrong? Let’s wait for the E3 2019 and see. Reports however indicate that this year the agenda for the two big shots will be ‘modest hardware improvements’. There is however a lot Sony can do to improve the PlayStation experience.

Improving online aspect

PlayStation 5 should be the unquestionable leader in this field once it is released. Sony has had enough time to develop the online aspect of gaming. With the release of games such as Fortnite, online gaming has never been more enjoyable. The fact that I can play against my cousin that is in California is mind-blowing. Sony developers need to tell us the trick to such efficiency. Such finesse is quite rare.

We recently posted an Xbox fan concept that was really amusing. Apparently, Microsoft will be releasing pads that function through touch screen technology. Buttons will be stories of the past. Note that fan concepts are rarely close to the truth. However, it is good room for fans to put their imagination on display. The Xbox one performed really well in the market last year. Can they do better with their online aspect? There is sure room for growth, I hope they use it.


I can’t wait to see how FIFA 2022 will look in the PlayStation 5. I’m sure programmers will be able to capture even the players’ pimples. FIFA 19 got a lot of positive reviews in reference to the graphics. Although players like Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku still look darker than in real life, they introduced new modes to make it more exciting.

PES 19 also tried to catch up to FIFA. Having lost rights to the Champions League, gamers thought it would spell the end for them. How wrong we were. On the Xbox one, PES 19 feels so dynamic in terms of game play. The players also look quite realistic. Far more realistic than in their previous releases. It seems that Microsoft and Sony keep getting better.

Can we wait till 2021?

Gamers all around the world can’t wait for leaks to start sipping into the media. Real detailed leaks about specifications or pad designs. PlayStation 4 already looks old and Sony needs new goods in the market. The release of the PlayStation 5 will surely do some justice to their stock prices. Xbox two release will also affect Microsoft’s stock quite positively. But good things take time, I think they should take all the time they need.