Xbox Scarlett fan concept show pads without buttons

The Xbox franchise has come a long way in offering gaming technology. Over the years of very good service, they have amassed a very huge following. The Xbox Scarlet is going to be Microsoft’s next gen console. Reports say that it will be in markets by the end of 2020. Details about the console are yet to be released officially.

Fans are however free to come up with their own design concepts. Recently, one fan shared his insight on the design. The idea itself is very brilliant and up to date with modern gaming technology. However, critics have already shot at some aspects of it that supposedly don’t work.  The major issue is the lack of buttons on the controllers. Every console in the game today has buttons on their controllers. Claiming that Xbox plan to move away from this is really bold.

Is it true though?

Controllers without buttons is very possible because of the developed touch screen technology. But this is not happening any time soon. Everyone likes the Xbox controllers, completely changing the look will be something the company has to be sure of. I personally don’t think they are ready. But they have surprised us before.

The console design is very slim and quite expensive to produce. Making these consoles will cost Xbox a lot in production, are they willing to dig that deep into their profits? I doubt it. It is way too early to be a good judge anyway, let’s wait for the next creative to woo us with an updated concept.