Xbox 2 set to have cutting-edge gaming PC like graphics

Microsoft have been on Sony’s heals for the longest time. The war between Xbox and PlayStation is somewhat never-ending. I don’t think even now I have an answer to the question of which one I prefer. However, Xbox Two concepts have been quite juicy in their descriptions. The console goes by the name Xbox scarlet in recent concepts. One specific concept said that the controllers might be button less. A phenomenon not many think we a soon to see. However, concepts aren’t a depiction of how the exact machine will be. They often just make educated guesses most of the time. Based on the trends in technology at the time.

Supposed specifications of the Xbox two have appeared on Reddit:

  • Arcturus 12 GPU with 64 Arcturus engines. Totaling to 4096 GPU cores. This is quite the improvement considering the Xbox one X has 2560 GPU cores.
  • The Arcturus GPU may be made into a discrete graphics part.
  • It may have 7nm Zen 2 CPU cores. Implementing this will be quite expensive, not to mention complex as well.

Will Xbox two be Microsoft’s win over Sony finally?

With the above features, Xbox two will be set to give Sony a real run for their money. The highlight to note is the fact that the GPU and CPU parts will be separated. Feasibility of this feature is off the roof but what matters now is the possibility. Is there any doubt as to whether these features will be accomplished? Yes, we know well enough these facts are subject to change at any time. Furthermore, Microsoft haven’t communicated a possible release date. Fans are looking forward to the E3 2019 to hear more about the on-going projects.

Rumors about the PlayStation 5 suggest that the console will be released in 2020 or 2021. It is highly likely that come E3 2019, the time frame for Xbox two’s release won’t be much different. Sony and Microsoft are like Samsung and Apple, always on each others necks. Furthermore, they are well ahead of the rest of the competition – Nintendo.