World’s first 5G will be the Galaxy S10 5G set to Launch on April 5th

Everybody wants to be the first to invent something these days. Although people will copy the design, getting there first proves a point. For example, since Samsung was first to launch their flagship devices this year they seem to be ahead of the competition. They intend to stay thereby releasing the first ever 5G device. Huawei and Xiaomi had stated that they would also be the first to release a 5G device but to no avail. The launch date is April 5th. Not so far from now, fans really can’t wait to experience the new technology. The South Korean tech giant will look to make huge profits since everyone will want to move to a faster network. However, it will take some time for telecom services to catch up. Although this only applies to slow countries, Korea and the US will not be a problem for the Galaxy S10 5G.

First 5G device(Samsung Galaxy S10 5G)

There were reports that Korea didn’t want the US to get to 5G before them. I mean, aren’t they ahead in enough already. Telecom giant Verizon will be launching 5G on April 11th. So it looks like the South Korean government will get what they want. Since by this time the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will already have made considerable sales. I literally can’t wait to see how the 5G network will improve internet speed. When we moved from 3G to 4G the difference was really noticeable. I hope the same will happen now as we move away from the much-celebrated 4G. More companies should try and be like Samsung. Innovation in the modern world has been made so easy, they should do better.

Already there have been leaks about the Galaxy Note 10 scheduled to be released later this year. This just goes to show how eager Samsung fans are about new products. During the release of the first batch of 2019 devices, they promised the Galaxy S10 5G. There was never any doubt that they would deliver. The new devices even came with the new Galaxy buds. Recently we’ve compared them to the AirPods, read about it here. The device is set to hit markets at $1330. Although it isn’t exactly affordable, I believe it is worth this price. Give your views on the matter in the comments section below.