Will Google’s Pixel 4 be hotter than the iPhone 11?

Google has come a long way with regard to their smartphones. In the beginning, they were just considered to be iPhone copycats. Although who could blame them? Apple had the best design at the time. Google had liaised with HTC to come up with the design. Note that HTC has recently released an iPhone-looking phone in the hopes of boosting their sales. Originality is a factor the market is very ruthless with. If you are going to sell me something that is trying to look like something else, wouldn’t it be better if I just bought the original? The difference between the Pixel XL and iPhone 6 plus was quite thin. One could only tell them apart when you saw the big glass panel at the back of the Google device. Google’s Pixel 4 should surely do better.

Google recently released the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Although they are quite average in terms of price, they do not come off as Apple copycats. However, they still have characteristics such as the big notch at the top of the Pixel 3 XL. Apple has a good reason for keeping theirs, does Google? Maybe they just want to avoid the bugs Samsung has run into as a result of the punch hole design. We have all heard the rumors about Google’s Pixel 4, how it won’t have even one button. Futuristic designs such as this are what brings customers.

Google Pixel 4 VS iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is expected in October of this year. The biggest highlight is the triple lens at the back of the device. For once, Apple decided to change the set up for the rear cameras. It has never changed since the iPhone 6, until now. At first, the design looked very ugly, but improvements were made. Incorporating the three cameras in the square slab was quite a task. Making it look good was even harder, but Apple still hacked it.

If these renders are correct, Google’s Pixel 4 might look better than the iPhone 11. From being a copycat to now having a better design, I like this story. One of the biggest highlights of the device is the fact that it will use Samsung’s punch hole dynamic. It seems Google is not scared of the bugs that troubled Samsung. The new Pixel 3a devices have reportedly been pestering some users. Apparently, the devices switch off by themselves. Let’s hope that such problems will not reflect on such a beautiful device.