Why Whatsapp wants to limit text forwarding to only 5 individuals, groups?

This well-known social media platform has gained huge popularity. Since Facebook bought it they have continued to flourish. Sadly, every good thing has its flaws. The downside of this communications hack is how fast fake news spreads. Optimists will argue that good news travels fast as well, thanks to WhatsApp. The effects of fake news on the society is however impossible to ignore. Preventing users from forwarding a message to more than 5 users or groups is a recent development in efforts to stop it.

This feature only applies to messages within the application. Images, documents or music on your phones storage can be sent to any number of individuals or groups. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm to the real ones out there. The culprits that help fake news get around are the ones to suffer. Deservedly so considering how wrong it is to spread fake news in the first place.

The company hopes that this new feature will help keep the media honest. This feels like a sort of reverse zero sum game, everybody loses. Both the fake and real news lose. Recently, there have been reports of violent crimes that have been a result of fake news. The forwarded messages that go round seem to be doing tremendous damage. Facebook cannot let this stand.

Apparently, the company will employ and algorithm that will help the application classify news. Fake news will be flagged on site and the limit automatically enabled. Before Facebook bought WhatsApp, the application was somewhat flat. Half the features available to the users now were not in the initial build. So in as much as Facebook seem to have been greedy, they have helped the platform grow a lot.

Sharing of blog post or funny clips via links with friends will be quite the task once they implement the feature. Currently, the application remains unchanged. With downloads of up to 1 billion people, they will have to be careful with additional features so as to limit complaints. They simply cannot afford to lose precious customers. Will WhatsApp continue to serve the masses efficiently? Or will additional censorship be their downfall? Stay tuned for developments in the story.