Which Samsung Galaxy S series should you buy?

Samsung has really been doing the most in a bid to defeat competition. Apple has been their major competitor in recent years. However, the stories about Apple capitalizing on profit could go to Samsung’s favor. The fact that the company cares about it’s users is a huge plus. As we’ve said before, the modern software development holds the user in very high regard. Our recent reports indicated that the new Samsung Galaxy S series would be released this February. Finally, we have a list of specifications for the various releases. Supposedly, the series will have 4 devices – Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, Samsung Galaxy S10e and the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

We will try and dissect each devices’ specifications in a bid to determine the best.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung has always been ahead in terms of display. The new Samsung Galaxy S series makes sure this remains so with the introduction of a dynamic AMOLED screen. The one on the Galaxy S10 will be 6.1 inches. The storage space is quite impressive with a RAM of 8GB and an internal storage of either 128GB or 512GB. Personally I don’t think I can ever exhaust this storage.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Unlike the S10, this Samsung Galaxy S series version is 6.4 inches. The display is much like the one above. A difference comes in when we look at our storage options. A 1TB device will be available. I have a 1TB hard disk that I have never filled, I wonder whether if I had the phone I’d be able to.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e

This version will be for the ladies that like small sized phones because of the 5.8 inches it offers. Apparently this device will use the USB-C port, a factor I forgot to mention about the rest too. In terms of processing power, this device will have the Snapdragon 855. This will greatly increase multitasking and the general speed of command executions.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

A 5G enabled device is yet to hit markets. If Samsung are the first to do it it will be on this device. The device runs on Android 9.0 pie, as do the rest of the Samsung Galaxy S series devices. This device in particular has the largest battery size with 4500mAh. No longer will Samsung users complain about battery life. If I was scouring the market for a device to save for, I would definitely pick this one.