WhatsApp update meant to control group activity

Social media giant WhatsApp has been a very good service to users so far. Being available to both Android and iOS users gives them the kind of exposure that is needed. If the application existed on Android or iOS alone, it wouldn’t be as good as it is now. Furthermore, it’s like they anticipated the fall of the Windows OS in phones. They withdrew the application from the Windows store long before it lost all support. The thing that made Windows as a whole to fail was the lack of third-party app support. I am a computer science student and I know nothing about creating apps for Windows phones. That just goes to show how weak the support was. The topic of discussion today is a WhatsApp update that enables users to choose who is able to add them into groups.

WhatsApp is taking care of its users’ needs

Privacy is a major factor when developing applications such as WhatsApp. One has to put into account that some people are touchy about security and a privacy menu should be included. In WhatsApp’s case, with the privacy section, one can alter a few variables. Last seen, status viewers and profile picture visibility are but a few of these variables I speak of. With the new WhatsApp update that is being rolled out, one can say no to being added to groups automatically. By this, I mean that a user can select a few contacts that are allowed to add them to groups.

Groups can be quite a nag if you ask me. Sometimes the content being shared is not even viable to you. You were just added by a friend just to make the group active. But at the end of the day, the user never even sends a message in the group. We all have those people in our contact list, the people that will add you to the most random of groups. This WhatsApp update is here to protect you from such. Another feature that has already been rolled out on the WhatsApp Beta is the dark mode. Everybody seems to want this feature and to say the truth, I don’t blame them. We should say goodbye to these light themes that kill our eyes.

The question of privacy should always be prioritized. Share your views on the App’s privacy as it stands. Is it safe for anyone to use? Or does it put some of the users’data at risk?