WhatsApp hack for iPhone that disables the ‘unwanted’ bluetick feature

WhatsApp has been quite the revolution. Proving impossible to ignore with its newly developed status feature. Here guys just post memes while the cool kids show us which cars they drive. I think after the acquisition by Facebook the overall outlook of the application has been on an upward curve. I can’t even remember a time when the icons on the left of message threads where square. I’m sure most of you don’t even know it once existed. Technology will always be on the fast lane, keeping up is a struggle. Remembering what was there before isn’t much easier. Struggles people like me are here to help you with.

You know, I don’t like that Apple products always get the juicy features first. Everyone I know has people they don’t want to bluetick. This concept is known to be misunderstood across the generations. My grandmother still doesn’t get it when I tell her I don’t like it when she blueticks me. I don’t expect her to anyway, all she does with the app is forward messages from the groups she’s in. Enough about that, back to the WhatsApp hack in question today. Apple users will soon be able to exploit being able to read messages without the bluetick functionality kicking in. How you say?

What’s the feature making this WhatsApp hack work?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the multiple third party applications that mimic the official WhatsApp release. The other applications such as GB WhatsApp are meant to give users options they wouldn’t normally have. A jailbreak of sorts. But today’s WhatsApp hack doesn’t require installation of an extra app. I found that the one disadvantage of the likes of GB WhatsApp is that the backup cannot be accessed by the original version. Once I moved back to the original release I found this to be quite annoying. There were some media files I was really looking forward to recovering. If you’ve heard about the 3D Touch feature coming to iOS then you can stop reading the article now. This feature enables a user to get the 3D contents of an option simply by holding it for long. So by clicking onto an unopened thread for long one is able to read up to 12 messages without notifying the user on the other side via blueticks. Be careful not to tap it as you understand once you do there is no going back. Instead of having to install third party applications that may contain malware, why don’t you just buy an iPhone? It is the secure option and also as I’m sure most of you are thinking, quite expensive. But is it worth it? Think about it!