What to expect from Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

There is a lot of hype surrounding the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. Release date is set to two months from now and the fans couldn’t be more excited. Some more so as to get pumped up by the Galaxy Note 10, which has a scheduled release date around sometime August. There has been no confirmed details about the phone. But that never stopped fans from dreaming.

The modern software development process places the user and developer in the same bracket in terms of importance. Samsung will be keen to know what the users want. In 2018, Samsung did not let their fans down. The demands from fans however know no bounds. LG is looking to be stiff competition this year. Reports of the touch-less input they are developing is really good news for their fans. Does the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have an ace up it’s sleeve as well?

The camera world is evolving and Samsung wouldn’t want to be left behind. Last year, their releases received very positive reviews, something they will want to maintain. 5G is another area of interest. Samsung already confirmed that they would release a phone with 5G capabilities this year. Will it be the Galaxy 10 series? Or maybe the Galaxy Note 10? We’ll just have to wait and see

We have no doubt in Samsung’s capability to honor their promise. Back in 2017, they presented a 5G home router at the Mobile World Congress. Smartphones, smart TV, even the smart watches.

The phone is supposedly going to offer up to 1 TB of internal memory. Even though most high-end phone users are comfortable with just 64 GB of internal memory. A post on Android central shows the thoughts of a few users. One post expressed how the Samsung community would appreciate a ‘killer camera’. Google pixel has been strong camera competition. Their camera AI has been hands-down the best camera so far. Can the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 change this? Let’s wait and see.