What Does The ‘R’ In iPhone XR Really Stands For?

It’s the million dollar question running through everyone’s mind for weeks now! It’s been slowly driving you nuts! What exactly does the ‘R’ in iPhone XR stand for?

After months of crazy brainstorming and guessing we finally have an answer direct from the source itself.

And it turns out all that frenzied state of mind was for nothing alas!

Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing just revealed the unknown in an interview to Engadget. He came clean that the R, just like the S in XS, iPhone 4S and all the other S iPhones held no particular meaning. The letter stands for nothing after all that debacle.

Can you hear the sound of crickets chirping as well? We sure do.

Schiller tried to backtrack real quick and added: “I love cars and things that go fast, and R and S are both letters used to denote sport cars that are really extra special.”

Not sure anyone will buy that theory though.

Schiller was asked to elaborate on the enormous difference between the iPhone XS’s Super Retina screen and the XR’s mere Liquid Retina. He admitted that the XS’s 1080p might not be significant at all: “If you can’t see the pixels, at some point the numbers don’t mean anything. They’re fairly arbitrary.”

When the iPhone 3GS was first announced by Apple, the vice president himself explained the reasoning behind the name as “the S simply stands for speed, because this is the most powerful, fastest iPhone we’ve ever made.”

Similarly after the release of iPhone 4S, almost two years later, CEO Tim Cook explained in an interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the D10 conference that the phone’s “S” designation there stood for Siri, Apple’s newly introduced digital assistant at that time.”

Name descriptions soon stopped being offered after the iPhone 5S and 5C release until the iPhone SE, when Schiller confirmed that it, stood for “Special Edition”

It is indeed quite curious to see a brand like Apple not associate its product’s name with any major significance. Or maybe the name was based on an inside joke, the company is unwilling to share-who knows? For now the ‘R’ is just an R.