Watch the official game of thrones final season 8 trailer here

I always tell all my friends that if they haven’t watched this series we have a problem. Game of Thrones to me should win all the awards given to series of its genre. The story line and character selection is out of this world. Furthermore, I have never seen a finer selection of actors in a movie. Yes no Dwayne Johnson but Tyrian Lanister is quite the step in. The man might not be a big and built as The Rock but he has skills. My favorite parts of the movie are the ones that he’s in. Now that the game of thrones final season 8 trailer is here, fans can relax.

Reports on the Official Game of Thrones final season 8

Personally, I consider myself quite the fan. I have watched all seasons and I remember the story line vividly. This cannot be said about all of you out there. I’m sure some of you can’t even remember how season 7 ended. Well, winter is here. The white walkers are marching towards winterfell and the war drums have began to sound. Judging by how well they develop scenes no matter how many characters they’ll need in the crowd scene, I’m sure it will not disappoint. There were times during wars I couldn’t imagine how they pulled off some scenes. First of all, how do those dragons look so real. At first I thought they would struggle with the graphics but it seems they were well prepared.

In the two minute Game of Thrones final season 8 trailer, we see snippets of how the story line will unfold. Aya stark seems to be right in the middle of it all. Will we see the many face god finally? Or are there more important scenes to focus on. Reports on the story suggest that the series will have one hour long episodes. I wonder how much money they spend coming up with such long productions. Back in season 7, we saw a few episodes reach this limit but who knew it would become a standard. With the way 2019 is shaping up I can’t wait for the first episode to drop. I’m sure it is going to be awesome. However, I will wait for the full season to be out before I start watching.