WatchOS 6 already has users excited as release date beckons

Apple is well know for the numerous concepts that come out before the real product’s release. By now you know that concepts don’t really mirror the product exactly but at least it gives fans rough ideas. Recently we posted a concept about the Galaxy S10. When the real product came out in the course of February it proved that the concept was more that 50% correct. To say the truth, some fans can survive on only 30% truth. Apple is going to roll out updates for the iOS. Watch OS 6 is one f the products that are expected to have a refreshed OS.

In a past article, I compared this device to some fitbits out there. We saw that there was an important feature that the Watch OS 6 had to add into the arsenal. Apart from the number of steps I’ve covered in a day and my heart rate, some watches offered sleep tracking capabilities. Some users would like to be able to know whether they are getting a good night’s sleep. However, isn’t sleeping with a watch uncomfortable? I would think so. I’ve done it before when I was in primary school and oh how I hated the marks it caused. Maybe my watch just had the wrong material, it was plastic. Well, Watch OS 6 had better come with a comfortable skin if it is to implement the sleep tracking functionality. We can’t afford marks on out hands. Some of us are trying to be models out here.

What can we expect from the Watch OS 6?

Apart from the sleep tracking improvement, the developers also plan to upgrade the Siri face. Reviews have been clear in bringing out the fact that users don’t enjoy the UI much. The color scheme and layout is also in the kitchen. A whole new refreshed look will do well for their sales. Something that has been on a downward curve according to stats. I expect nothing but finesse from the tech giant, they better not disappoint me!