Watch Dogs 3 in the works but will not be compatible with today’s consoles

The gaming community is one that is very in touch with the world. No offense, but most gamers are couch potatoes. By this I mean they like lazying around on a couch all day either playing games or watching big bang theory. Companies such as Ubisoft make sure gamers are kept busy, but at a price. The dedication this company has shown has led to tremendous growth over the years. Releases such as Watch Dogs are part of the Arsenal Ubisoft used to woe users. The open world hacker game is quite the depiction of the modern day society. If you haven’t played the game yet, you are missing out. Recent reports indicate that the new Watch dogs 3 is in development.

The gaming community will continue to grow as people continue to embrace technology. We all need an escape. Something to help us forget reality for a second or two. Some of us take to drinking while some sit on a couch all day playing FIFA be a pro. I guess we are all different. Fans can’t wait for a Watch dogs 3. Watch dogs 2 came out in 2016 and has since then received awesome reviews. If you so much as watch just the preview, you’ll fall in love. I made the mistake of watching a documentary of how it was made, there’s few things I’ve waited for more eagerly than that game.

Will Watch Dogs 3 run on the present console generation?

The Play Station 4 and Xbox One are quite impressive consoles. Quite the high-end in terms of processors if you ask me. I mean a machine that can play Watch Dogs is no easy task to make. Watch Dogs 3 will need even more hardware support compared to its predecessors. A kind of support the existing consoles are said not to afford. Hence we will have to wait for the Play Station 5 to hit markets. Patents suggest that the hardware on the console will be improved. Something Watch Dogs’ developers will be happy to hear.