Washington Pundit news hacked and the website is now down recovering

Telling apart the fake and real news is becoming increasingly harder as time goes by. The numerous blogs and social media sites make it hard to trace both sides of a story. But do people want to read both sides of the story really? I’d like to think people would rather read about stuff that agrees with them. But who am I to judge? Today we talk about the Washington Pundit news hacked situation. Cases of being hacked are increasing daily. The number of people mastering the web presently is astonishing. We’ve all heard about the dark net. A story that supports the hacker paranoia.

Apparently, the news site had made way on very serious allegations involving State Department personnel and at least one ambassador. The articles had suggested that the Ambassador ditched his or her security detail for sexual favors from prostitutes and minor children. We all know that there are sick human beings out there. However, if one of them can occupy such a seat of power it means we are asleep at work. The people we elect into power should be properly vetted and confirmed to be individuals of moral high standing. Because if we are led by individuals with no ethical values then we are already lost.

Washington Pundit News hacked situation story update

Even now I can’t believe the Washington Pundit news hacked situation. Could it be that the culprits have something to do with it? In the world of today, I would not be surprised if they subcontracted the job to a hacker. Taking down a news website should be a piece of cake to a seasoned hacker. I’m not saying that this is the real story however. We do not want to be accused of spreading false news. The site was taken down and is now being corrected. The attack seems to have been targeting their posts and has left them crippled. Not for long however, I wonder whether it will be taken down again if they restore it to the state it was in. Only a fool would try it twice. Once bitten, twice shy.