Warner Bros. mobile game Westworld is shutting down

Most of you are more familiar with the series Westworld. It is based on a sci-fi idea that a world was created where players can do whatever they please. Thanks to robot technology the game feels like real life. But that’s just the series. The game also has a few of these characteristics, so hearing that it is shutting down is bad news for the many¬† fans out there.

A few hours ago, a post on Reddit read that the game will be taken off the Apple store and Google play store on 15th January. The official shutdown will however happen on the 16th of April. At the moment, the game is already down. If you have it installed on your phone, clear the space.

Why are they shutting down?

Reports about the lawsuit slapped against them by Bethesda are a matter of public knowledge. Many think that the shutdown might be a ripple effect of the lawsuit. Makes a lot of sense if you think about how much money they spent to settle. Bethesda claimed that the game design was similar to their own ‘Fallout Shelter’. Art style, animations, features right down to basic game play elements.¬† Although Warner Bros publicly denied the allegations, the two decided to settle matters out of court.

This news came by surprised and some gamers feel ditched. Loyal players that had invested money in the game are demanding refunds. Some expressed their fury on Reddit demanding an explanation because at the end of the day, the customers shouldn’t suffer.

Can they give refunds?

The game does not seem to have made that much profit. Since the lawsuit was filed, focus shifted from development. It is highly unlikely that they would be able to comfortably afford the refunds.