Want to boot ARM64 Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi? Use WoA installer

Raspberry Pi has done well to revolutionize the world of computing. Since its discovery, it has grow tremendously. To the point that it is already making its way into the curriculum. The various applications it suits is what makes it so popular. Basically, it is a small computer that can be installed on almost anything. From the sitting room door to the door bell or security system. It truly is a wonderful invention. Kids interacting with technology in developer camps also do a lot to hone their programming skills using Raspberry Pi. It is quite the flexible playground if you ask me, one can play lots of games.

Raspberry Pi has actually done the market a lot of good with their work on SBC(single board computers). The ARM based SBCs often run Linux operating systems. The likes of Ubuntu are quite common. Personally I find it easier to use that way. However, customers are able to develop customized OS to suite their needs. Many different businesses would want to implement the technology to move forward, each has different preferences that the embedded Ubuntu can’t handle.

Windows being the quite common, some users would prefer it. Luckily, Windows 10 IoT Core is coming to Raspberry Pi. This is a stripped down version of the Windows OS that is compatible with the Raspberry Pi. However, the news is not all good seeing that the OS is meant for developers. We have heard similar news about another software also.

In order to install the new OS, a video guide is available on YouTube. Just search ‘ How to install windows 1o on Raspberry Pi’ and the video will pop up. This is quite an achievement for Windows because it looked like Unix would completely own the platform. The only problem is that some Windows applications are so large that developers are not sure the Raspberry can handle it. Developments on the story will be posted here.