Vivo Unveils An All-Glass, Button-less Phone: Apex 2019

China based companies have made a lot of noise in the phone industry. The likes of Oppo, Xiaomi and now Vivo, will not let the world rest till dominance is established. 2019 seems to be the year everybody goes for the kill. The disappearance of holes and ports is a clear indication of how much companies are willing to risk. Motorola is also preparing to woo users with talks about a foldable phone surfacing. Whether or not they implement the patent design only time will will reveal. Vivo also looks to put up a good fight this year. The APEX 2019 is set to have 5G capabilities and no holes.

Apples’s air pods could have been the motivation to move away from ports. Or is it Samsung’s wireless charging concept? Vivo announced recently that their release will not even have a SIM tray. Conventions such as the USB port and speaker grill are just stories of the past now. The all-glass design looks as sleek as the iPhone X. It is really hard to match Apple’s hardware but seeing that Vivo are close to doing it, I would say it is very possible now.

The edges of the phone are finished with a cool waterdrop design. The waterdrop design gives extra thickness to the edges for a beautiful look. Does the thickness protect against collisions when dropped? Not completely sure, it just looks really nice. To implement the all-glass body feature, it obviously took a lot capital. Heat bending and CNC machining are part of the intricate process.

New Technology implemented

Fingerprint technology completely changed the security features in phones. With users now able to unlock smartphone screens using fingerprints, phone security is at an all time high. Even girls are finding a hard time snooping around their boyfriends’ phones. A day I thought I’d never see. Take that female species! Vivo’s fingerprint technology is full-display meaning the print will unlock the screen from anywhere. Conventionally, the fingerprint sensor is usually allocated a small circular from which to work. This is not the case any more.

This development will surely give them an edge over the rest of the competition, but not for long. However, let us remember that these are just concepts and they do not represent a real device in the market. Vivo made a few of the real specifications known to users:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip set
  • 12 GB RAM plus 512 GB of memory
  • 12 MP and 13 MP set up on the rear camera
  • Surprisingly, no front camera.