Viber foreign number feature a major plus for users

Communication is a very important aspect of survival. To live we must communicate and interact with the people around us. The problem comes when the person is not around us but we still need to get a message to the person. Improvements in technology have made communication possible across the world. With a simple internet connection, one can send a message to anywhere. Even to Antartica. That is if you have friends or relatives there. Applications such as WhatsApp and Viber have revolutionized communication. Now we can send instant messages to our friends and feel like we’re talking one on one. Voice and Video calls are also possible. In fact, Viber has gone an extra mile to make users even more comfortable. Viber foreign number feature has come to give users British, American or Canadian phone numbers.

This way one can receive direct calls and texts without the use of internet connection on the side. This feature was probably developed to assist senior society. For example, my grandmother is in Britain and she knows nothing about WhatsApp or any other messaging app. If I paid for the subscription and got a Viber foreign number, she wouldn’t need one. All she would need was to have my number. Then after that, all she’ll have to do is call or text directly. I find this to be quite convenient considering how unreliable some internet providers can be. If you have ever skyped with someone with poor connection then you know what I’m talking about. The video call hangs and at the end of the day very minimal communication takes place. But here we have a solution.

However, there is a downside to the story. The feature is not available to all the counties in the world. It only supports the 33 countries that onoff supports as well. This is quite redundant if you ask me. But my spidey senses are saying that security is also a factor to be considered. This feature can’t be offered to just any country. Here is a list of the countries viable to receive this service. To say the truth, technology is what will one day unite us all. Although some are of the opinion that it will be the end of us. We’ve all seen the movies where the robots take over the world. Since they are supposedly smarter and more efficient and accurate than the normal man. I choose to count little wins like this one we’ve seen today. The future will reveal itself to us in due time.