Users complain about WiFi toggle glitch with latest Android Auto

Modern cars come with very stylish dashboard designs these days. The introduction of smart screens on the board has revolutionized the game. It is no longer only about the engine or the brand. New technology such as Android Auto has since been developed to help drives avoid using their phones. Plenty of accidents on the roads today are caused by distracted drivers. But much like the recent Huawei article posted here, the application seems to have a mishap.

What is Android Auto?

This application needs to be installed on the user’s phone before it can work on the car. It should be downloadable for free from the Play Store. However, not all cars are compatible with this technology. A list of cars that have Android Auto compatibility is available on their site. Much like Bluetooth technology, the app has to be linked to the dash unit. Imagine connecting your phone to Bluetooth speaker. Remember how easy that is, this isn’t much different.

The app has been serving users for a while now. Around last week, there was a new Android Auto version release. Users have however been complaining about a weird behavior with WiFi control. In the modern world, there is WiFi everywhere and so most of the time phone users will avoid data charges. Actually, data is way more expensive hence the preference to WiFi.

What really is bugging users?

The Android Auto application is really simple to use. Only that for it to connect to the dash unit, WiFi has to be disabled. This can be manipulated from the app’s settings by switching the ‘Limit WiFi’ option. Naturally, the application is meant to turn WiFi back on once disconnected, this has not been happening. Users have been suffering a lot because of this, mostly financially in terms of data.

Since the recent update, users have been finding themselves accidentally incurring data charges because of this flaw. v3.9.5850 is the version experiencing this mishap. For any user experiencing this problem, I would advise switching back to the old version till the bug is sorted. There are reports of another version, 3.9.585054. It was supposedly released a few days ago with the same glitch. So avoid updating to this version, it does not help.

Google has also posted a review via Play Store. They encouraged users to visit the community online and help with the troubleshooting process. Developments on the story will be posted once news comes in.