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Turn On Facebook Messenger Dark Mode: How To Guide

The dark mode feature is becoming as popular as ever. Everyone seems to want it. The first time I saw the feature was on an IDE I used to code my projects. Honestly, most people prefer dark mode because of their eyes. Dark mode has very minimum negative effects on our eyes as compared to the light mode. Recently we posted an article that said the iOS 13 would enable the dark mode feature, finally. Users everywhere seem to want this exotic feature. However, it’s not as easy to implement as it would seem. Even so, Facebook managed to do it. That’s why today we’re talking about how to Turn On Facebook Messenger Dark Mode. To say the truth, it is not that hard. But we have still given steps towards achieving it.

How to Turn On Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Step 1 would be to launch the messenger app itself. Note that the feature will only be implemented inside the messenger app. The real app will still remain the same. With the white and blue theme that has become a hallmark of sorts at this point. However, there were talks suggesting that Facebook wanted an all-white design. How would the app look? Change is sometimes necessary, I believe it is now. But like Tumblr, the users might not like the improvement.

Step 2 would be to tap the top left part that has your profile. Once this is done there will come a window that has the Turn On Facebook Messenger Dark Mode toggle.

Step 3 would then be to switch the feature on.

I believe that the feature exists only on iPhone devices. Android devices seem to have been left behind this time around. Something that doesn’t happen that often. However, WhatsApp Beta introduced the dark theme in android devices. Reports say that for OLED devices such as the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, dark mode save power. With the biggest complaints from users being about battery, this feature will come as amazing news for most people.

The dark mode version of messenger looks quite appealing. If I had an iPhone device, I would definitely enforce the feature. Assuming you follow the above steps it should work fine. If it doesn’t, try force stopping the application then launching and trying again. Android users will be praying the feature is brought on our side as well. It shouldn’t be that hard if it has already been done on the iOS platform.