Tumblr’s censoring algorithm experiencing some mishaps

Tumblr is a social media platform similar to the likes of Instagram and Twitter, the popular ones these days. Most of these companies use censoring algorithms to sieve their content. We can’t have underage content being available to accounts owned by teenagers. Totally unacceptable. This is not to say that Tumblr is guilty of such actions. Being a very intricate algorithm, it is hard to say whether it works. Recent reports are however not painting a pretty picture at all.

Normal photos are being flagged as explicit. From memes to motivational ones. Surely if the censoring algorithm was doing it’s job, today’s photo would have been too outrageous for us to let this story slide. A Twitter account, @TeeDotally, shared a picture marked as NSFW. Aside from the cat/dog pictures that were flagged as part of the adult content ban, this one was the most touching. This one had Nelson Mandela in it. Along with some very touching words about ‘No one is born hating another person’.

The censoring bot that’s going around flagging those photos needs some major improvements. Because when you take down someone’s photo without a good reason, your service comes off as poor. The reactions from users is quite negative as some describe the algorithm as completely incompetent. Furthermore, only a small fraction of their community can comprehend the importance of the software.

The flagged posts include historical images of women of color. They were wearing clothes so there was no reason whatsoever to call it adult content. Sebastian Stan wearing a suit is also adult content on Tumblr. Maybe the fact that he wasn’t wearing any socks is what was bothering. A picture of Wonder woman and Harley Quinn was also flagged. Even super heroes? What is the world coming to? Nevertheless, all this is clear indication that something needs to be done in that department.

Source: Piunikaweb