Tumblr war with adult content bans still on-going

Adult content is something that has become quite sensitive over the years. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr really struggle with it. However, they came up with complex algorithms that help flag off posts with adult content. Tumblr has really struggled with it since last year. We saw them impose a safe mode to it’s users in the third week of December. Now they have apparently imposed near total ban on NSFW content.

Why the decision to ban adult content?

IN the modern age, even kids under the age of 10 have phones, it has become a norm. Naturally, parents wouldn’t want their children to one day ask hard questions because of the adult content he or she is exposed to. Apple in particular is very sensitive about adult content. In fact, they licked Tumblr out of their App store after the discovery of child porn on the platform. Can you imagine your eight year old son coming across such garbage, some will be scared for life. This ban has however made Tumblr quite aggressive in the fight against adult content.

Tags are a feature that many users don’t understand. When images or videos are posted on the platform, they require tags that will be used as their search ID. Tumblr’s strategy is to delete all tags that even remotely raises eyebrows. The NSFW tag was one of their first clean outs. Currently, if you search ‘NSFW’ on Tumblr there will be no result.

Every application developer tries so hard to get their app on the store. Both Android’s and Apples’s. Although the Android community is far larger, being kicked out of the Apple store has still caused the company loses. However, Tumblr looks to adopt the citrus scale as a way to tighten it’s control on adult content. Currently, Leon is trending on Twitter. This is thought to be as a result of the NSFW content ban.