Tumblr rolls out a User-interface update that upsets users

Tumblr has gained a huge following after years of dedicated service. To maintain this service, they have to come up with updates that will keep the users happy. Software updates have become quite important in maintaining users and remaining relevant. Recently, they updated the platform to give it a different look and feel. If apps and software maintained the same UI since the first release it would be boring. Imagine interacting with the same features from 2007 in 2019. The experience would not be enjoyable at all. Therefore, the whole point of updates is to improve the overall appearance and sometimes functionalities to suit the users. However, are Tumblr users happy with the new update? Reports indicate otherwise.

The main reasons behind the change were the following:

  • Heading the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium
  • They made menus more accessible compared to the predecessors.
  • Improved overall readability

The platform’s color contrast had never been a problem to anyone. Why they changed it is still alien to us. Notable changes are around the dashboard and everywhere in general. If you have ever used the application you’d notice the difference. It’s quite conspicuous to a frequent user. Was this a good move for Tumblr? Some users seem to not think so.

The new blue color implemented apparently doesn’t please the eyes. Complaints about how the new color is affecting vision are available on Twitter. Fortunately, there is a way out. An extension framework called Xkit allows users to tweak the outlay to their preference. The Tumblr update seems to have unlocked a niche for Xkit. It is becoming popular among users due to the fact that it can revert the UI back to the old version. This discovery couldn’t have come at a better time for Tumblr users. If you manage to use Xkit successfully, inform us of your experience in the comment section below.