Tumblr getting ready to launch new a group chat feature

Of late, Tumblr has really made a lot of buzz with various stories. One has been the updating of the UI in their new update. We informed you on this issue quite in a detailed form. Users were really not happy with the new color schemes and overall designs. Click here to read about it. A more recent report was the one about Tumblr planning to apply the citrus scale on the NSFW content ban. The company has been working real hard to keep alive with all these arising matters. However, there is always something new developers are working on. For Tumblr, this will be the new group chat feature.

Tumblr users seem to be growing tired of the restrictions as users take to Twitter to express themselves. Apparently, the app has enabled a maximum limit to its text posts. The limit is 100 paragraphs. As we have said in recent articles, whether or not the user is happy is quite the measure of service in the modern world. Companies are always running on overdrive to establish what the market wants. Take WhatsApp for example, in the beginning everyone was asking why they couldn’t implement the Facetime feature in a bid to stay in sight of Snapchat. Eventually, they achieved it and their user base grew as a result of their efficiency.

New Group Chat Feature

According to a user’s tags and search history, Tumblr have added a new group chat feature. Supposedly, anyone can join the group. Even people you have blocked. Yes, you are no longer safe from that stalker you blocked for trolling you. But relax, probably you don’t have the same tags so probably you won’t be in the same group. This group chat feature is yet to be rolled out completely but it promises to be quite efficient. An interesting perk of the feature is that messages auto-delete in 24 hours. This means people can express themselves knowing there won’t be a future reference. Does this feature sound juicy to you? Personally, I give them an A for effort considering what they’ve been through in the recent past. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.