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Tips To Fix Wi-Fi Problems Of iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max

Customers have only had the new iPhone XS and XS Max phones for a handful of days, but there are already several complaints of cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity issues on both the new models. If you’re experiencing same issues on your XS or XS Max, there are steps you can undertake to get your iPhone working efficiently again.

Force restarting iPhone

Starting with the basics, for any pesky problem that can’t be seemingly solved with settings, restarting your iPhone always remains a good tactic. Sometimes, the phone just needs to shut down in order to reboot to get back on track. You will first have to turn off the device and connect it to iTunes. Then keep pressing the Home and power button until you see the Connect to iTunes screen

Storage Space

It’s possible that you are unable to take pictures on iPhone and iPad due to insufficient storage available caused by the iOS 11/12 update. You can create space either by either storing your photos and videos in the iCloud Photo Library or using Tenorshare iCareFone to transfer photos.

Updated Software

To keep any device running smoothly, it’s important to keep it running with the latest version of updates. In this case, the iOS 12 will restore efficiency to any iPhone, even those as ancient as the 5S.

Toggling Airplane Mode

Try turning on Airplane Mode briefly. This will disengage your iPhone from the cellular network until Airplane Mode is disabled again. For best results, make sure enabling Airplane Mode also disconnects your Wi-Fi as well. If it doesn’t, go over to Settings, then “Wi-Fi,” and disable it so iOS remembers to do the same next time.

Forget Current Wi-Fi Network

If you have a hunch that the culprit might be your own Wi-Fi connection, disable and forget it. Your iPhone will eliminate the saved network from your device and your iCloud Keychain, resulting in hopefully a better connection.

Refresh Your iPhone Tower

Like any technology, network connectivity needs a reset every other now and then. Just go to “Reset” in Settings. Tap the “Reset Network Settings” there, enter your passcode, and then just tap “Reset Network Settings” again. Your iPhone will power off while resetting but will take less than one minute to power back on.

Change DNS Server

The DNS server (Domain Name System) is what transitions website names into IP addresses for iPhones to connect to. Using a default DNS server might be slowing things down for your phone. Try a custom DNS server to speed up things.

Eject SIM

If you really want to give your cellular connectivity an overhaul, eject the phone SIM. Without the SIM card, your iPhone will be unable to connect to the cellular network at all, until the card is placed back in. Doing so will effectively cause your iPhone to reconnect to a network acting as a sort of a hard-reset for SIM.

Give a shot to the above tips to see if you can return efficiency to your iPhone XS or XS Max’s connectivity.