The new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus already has awesome cases, see here

The new player in town, Samsung Galaxy S10 plus is sending a lot of ripples in the phone industry. The fact that they just dropped their 2019 flagship gives the a good lead over their competitors. Companies like the OnePlus have been rumored to have awesome features on their 2019 release but we are yet to see the device in markets. The main reason people are waiting for the OnePlus device so bad is because it will supposedly be housing a 5G feature. Samsung will soon also be implementing the same feature on a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus cases have already hit the market. How fast are these producers? The device isn’t even a week old.

Official Leather Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus cases available

Only Samsung can release the phone covers this early into release. After a device has stayed a while in the market is when counterfeits will start to appear. These ones however are no joke. Pure leather cases are really classy and most users enjoy the feel. Apart from that, it gives the phone the necessary protection that it needs. These cases come in many different colors – black, red, gray, green, navy blue, white and yellow. The price for each of the cases is around $49.99.

Official Silicone Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Cases

As the name suggests, the cover is made of silicone. This hence guarantees that the feel of the phone will be perfect. Imagine getting both protection and good texture at an affordable price of $29.99. This one also comes in a variety of colors – black, blue, navy blue, green, pink, white and yellow.

Official Rugged Galaxy S10 Plus Cases

If your aim when looking for a phone cover is basically protection only, then this should be your preferred option. They offer military-grade protection to the phone. I don’t mean that the case is bulletproof if any of you thought that. This particular case actually comes with a hands-free video viewing kickstand at the back. The only colors available are navy blue and silver. The market value is approximately $34.99 each.