The Galaxy Note 10 camera could have a quad camera at the back

Samsung has been at the front of the race as far as 2019 is concerned. Is it just for a time or can they back it up? Recently they released their first Flagships of the year – Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the Samsung Galaxy S10e. I am yet to hear stories about their performance so far, if you know please feel free to comment in the section below the article. In the works still is the Galaxy Fold that has really been waited for by the fans. As we all know, Samsung releases the Note series at the end of the year. According to reports we expect the Galaxy Note 10 camera to be really impressive.

Galaxy Note 10 camera among other features talked about

If there’s an aspect of Samsung that I appreciate it is the camera, I find it very resolute. Even in the dark it still performs well. The Apple camera is also really good but to me, Samsung’s is better. The note versions are the ones I’m talking about. As a matter of fact, the Galaxy Note 10 camera this year will have 4 at the rear. Something that has not been seen before. We’ve seen Samsung try the impossible and succeed, will we doubt them now? I don’t think so.

Samsung has also been said to have a 5G device in the works. 5G technology is very hot at the moment since no one has achieved it yet. There has been a lot of patents talking about the technology being implemented but only Samsung’s seems believable. During the releasing event last week, Samsung promised that they would roll out a version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 that would have 5G capabilities. It would then be called Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Users will have to pray that the improvements in battery are carried forward to every Samsung device henceforth.