The Fitbit Charge 3 seems to be facing issues with its display

Fitbit Charge 3 developers have come under fire due to complaints from users. The company has however done a lot to deserve it. It is almost like how politicians lie during campaigns just to get our votes? Did the Fitbit developers just want our money and empty excitement?

Screen time out feature

As the company marketed the Fitbit Charge 3 to users, they promised this feature. This would enable users to adjust the screen time out duration, something they had really looked forward to. Furthermore, this is not a new device in the market. It was released in July of 2018 and yet they have not made good of their promise. No company expecting good returns and a future can condone such behavior. Improvements desperately need to be made.

Issues with display

Now, a new problem crops up. Like one was not enough. The device seemingly stops working for a duration of time. Can you imagine hitting the gym with all you got just to see how much calories you can burn, then looking at a blank screen afterwards. I’d be so angry, I totally feel the users complaining. Twitter is filled with complaints about how the screen freezes or goes blank. Funny thing is, the reports say that the device remains active whilst this happens. You can tell when notifications come in and it vibrates.

Some users have gone to the extent of posting photographic proof. Are we already in court? Did someone ask for evidence? But learning that the device was a Christmas gift, that it had not even lasted a month, made me understand this user’s thorough. This is quite poor, such devices should warrant at least 6 months.

Jumping into the online Fitbit community, we found a lot of complaints from users everywhere. However, a forum moderator posted a workaround to help. He encouraged users to try restart the device or change the clock face. This worked for some users but not all of them. The company should step in and offer a more permanent solution. However, there has been no word from them so far. Updates on the matter will be communicated as news comes in.