Tesla may unveil their new model Y this year, facts we know about the car

Tesla has been a really good revolution in the field of technology. Led by Elon Musk, they seem to be making headway with each passing day. Who else could have thought about inventing an electric car? The world needs more men like these. However, money is also a huge part of the process. Personally I have had plenty of ideas that I just couldn’t establish because of the capital barrier. For example, back in high school I had an idea of a social media platform like Instagram that worked with music instead of pictures. Three years later, spotify happened. I bet somebody somewhere also had the electric car idea but couldn’t do it fast enough. Now, the Tesla model Y is almost upon us.

The vehicle will be only their second SUV. Elon Musk has a number of projects going on, how he’s managing to juggle all of them is a wonder. We all know of the space exploration project, one he has shown quite some love to. I bet the money being put into that project is very astonishing. Most of us won’t even come near ever having such an amount. The company is expected to release more news on the Tesla model Y in the upcoming weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

I can see quite a bright future for electric cars because of the fact that they don’t pollute the environment. However, there are a number of delimiters that Tesla should work towards extinguishing. For example the fact that there aren’t enough charging points to make the cars large scale. The price of the cars is also not so appealing to the average tax payer. I guess Tesla model Y is intended for the rich class. The coveted one percent of the population. I hope we make it there some day. Another problem is the fact that charge doesn’t last long enough for long distances. I’m sure there are developers on the case everyday.