Steve Wozniak supposedly can’t wait to see the foldable iPhone

There was a time Apple seemed to be unopposed in the market. No one dared question their obvious superiority. But now, there a new players in town. The major competition being Samsung of course. There has been reports about how the company is only trying to maximize on profits. But doesn’t that mean you improve your products and services? Apple’s graph has seemingly stagnated over the past few years, although their devices are still cutting-edge. However, there are a lot of factors to consider. According to recent reports, Steve Wozniak is also eagerly waiting for the foldable iPhone. Welcome to the club!

Foldable iPhone story looking very real

A foldable iPhone has been expected for a while now since the likes of Samsung and Xiaomi announced theirs. We’ve seen more of the Samsung Galaxy Fold above all others and the prototype looked quite efficient. It was shown to onlookers at the CES 2019. I wonder who attends those events. If ever given the chance, I would love to go for one CES. Being able to give first hand information on the proceedings will be quite an honor. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple back in 1976 weighed in on the matter recently. He said that this was one of the inventions that just excited him.

I believe we all have one of those sometimes. For example, personally I am in love with Samsung’s wireless charging. I guess me and Steve Wozniak are rather indirectly similar. Yes, I feel myself reaching too far. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with Apple’s co-founder however? Yes, only fools would say no to such an opportunity. The fact that Wozniak is syked up about the device is a clear indication that Apple will take the project quite seriously. It’s like how the head of the family always controls the remote when guys are watching TV. Sometimes it’s annoying but in the end everyone feels fairly treated. Furthermore, who bought the TV? Exactly!