Soon, you will be able to unlock your car through Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is still a new feature in the world of technology. Only a hand full of devices have realized this technology perfectly. Apple as usual being at the forefront in terms of devices. As we all know, the coveted company is never left behind when it comes to new technology. However, 2019 seems to be a tough year for them as the likes of Samsung and OnePlus aim to outdo them in the phones industry. As new features such as 5G and full HD screens start to sip into the market, there is still no sign of either on Apple devices.

Face recognition software have proven to be quite secure. Because who can steal my face? Maybe if I had a twin brother an even then, some are good enough to tell the difference. First, to enable the technology there has to additional sensors added onto the camera to ensure efficiency.

Facial recognition for cars?

To the delight of the fans, Apple has released a patent for facial recognition on cars. This would surely be quite the revolution. Imagine doing away with your keys completely. We’ve seen how easy it is to lose keys, even car keys. SO companies like Range Rover have really been looking for a solution to this problem. Their 2019 solution was the availability of a sensor that could open the car at any time. This gadget enabled users to leave the keys in the car. The gadget is meant to be worn on the arm. When it comes into good range of the range logo, the car opens and you find the keys right where you left them.

However, I can’t help but think how vulnerable to hacking this improvement will be. We all know that it’s possible to hack facial recognition. Well, I’ve not really seen it cause my best example is sourced from a movie. The point still remains. Apple is however known for its full proof security, will they maintain it in this new development? Time will tell.