Some users complain about the new Instagram story music feature

over the years, Facebook has turned social media into quite the franchise. Everyone loves it. I don’t think there’s a teenagers phone without social media all around the world. The likes of Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram have really changed the game. Although we all know who the ‘sensei‘ is, Facebook. Time and again the tech giant has been accused of being greedy as they absorbed competition. However, aren’t mergers a thing in business. They happen all the time. Furthermore, Facebook offers these companies a lot of funding in a bid to move forward. No rational visionary can say no to that. I know I wouldn’t. The topic of discussion today is the Instagram story music feature.

The feature was rolled out in the course of last year. It allows a user to post a photo or video along with a song. So that when  your followers view your post they are entertained by the snippet you picked. This was a good addition to their stream of awesome updates. We all know how the boomerang effect was loved by the users. However, there is always a downside in every good story. Like in superman, how he dies at the end of the movie is just sad. The feature was not rolled out at the same time all around the world. Some users got the feature before others. There has been complains about it all over.

How to access the Instagram story music feature

Once you launch the app on your device, navigate to the camera section. When it loads you’ll see the normal type, boomerang and live options displayed at the bottom. If the feature is enabled in your region, which by now should be the case there should be a music option. Already a lot of users love this feature mostly because it makes posted video a bit easier to watch. Some things people are just sad, maybe the music will be the entertaining bit. Thank you Instagram!