Software that can track Netflix accounts being shared

Snymedia is a software development company that has made a statement in the CES 2019. Netflix is almost becoming a sort of basic need for the average household. The more popular it becomes, the more hacks come up. This company has however developed a software that will know if you share your streaming account information with anyone. The software has an embedded AI in the code that is able to flag accounts that are against sharing policies.

If you have interacted with Netflix long enough, you understand how big a bummer this is. Note that this software can be used with Spotify or any other streaming accounts. The companies that offer streaming services will be quite happy about this. Sharing accounts has been a delimiter the likes of Netflix and spotify have struggled to solve.

Netflix has tried to solve this via different means before. Limiting the number of active screens per subscription has been their go-to. This method however had a flaw. As long as there are different shows on each screen, approximately ten people can use the same account. Snymedia is looking to curb this vice.

Chief performance officer, Jean-Marc expressed how the credential sharing problem is becoming too expensive to ignore. The new software will help them take action and increase their revenue stream. The boy-scouts that follow the rules will be happy to know they are special again. The hustlers that piggy-back on each other to survive will be left stranded. Any company that offers online streaming services will be looking to buy the software.

Although the software is not yet tested to view it’s real effect, buyers remain positive. Customers in India and Pakistan will be very unhappy if the software works.