ShowBox users experience issues in some regions

When ShowBox was released, it was a dream come true. Having countless movies to watch for free at any time. The only parameter being internet access. There has never been a sweeter deal. So naturally, people will want to take advantage of it. At a time, everyone had it installed on their devices. A time when their services where reliable and full time. Since November of last year, the application developers have been under a lot of heat. Users experienced a series of annoying outages in that time. Rumor has it that movie studios had taken them to court because of copyright infringement.

How did ShowBox break the rules?

As we all know, there is only so much you can offer someone for free. Netflix has an edge over the rest because of their subscription service. Through it they raise enough money to buy rights to any movie they want. Or rather, all the movies people want to watch. Personally, I have never searched a movie on Netflix and it somehow wasn’t there. Except this past weekend, I tried to watch the new Runaways but the episodes weren’t there. What is becoming of this world? Is no one competent any more?

ShowBox users have had a really rough time due to the faulty services. A post on Twitter has them blaming it on server issues. How much of this are the users supposed to take? With other streaming services such as Cinema HD cropping up, ShowBox risks to lose a lot of users. Personally, I deleted the application in December. Now I hear that the story is that their servers are only down in some regions.

Maybe the fact that people can sue them makes it different. Going to court is always expensive, I wonder what money they’ll use to replace their servers. Seeing that their services are for free. It’s actually quite amusing how the services are for free and yet users complain quite aggressively. But hey, I gave you space on my phone plus I used data that I might have used to download something different, I deserve good service. Don’t you agree? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.