ShowBox developers share a fix to the ‘app-not-working’ problem

What is ShowBox?

Movie streaming applications have become more and more popular in the modern age. No longer do you have to catch a movie premier at the cinema. Streaming applications such as ShowBox offer a much more affordable option.  However, November of last year proved a very gloomy month for the decorated application. The shutting down of MovieBox, another streaming application, had fans thinking that ShowBox may face the same fate. This was not the case.

What seems to be the problem?

At the time they were experiencing mishaps, developers shared that there were legal issues impacting the service. They managed to correct it eventually but ultimately implied that the problems might arise again. Is this really good service? The likes of Netflix will continue to flourish without much competition because of such incompetence. Talk about their legal issues have lost them a lot of their customers because their services keep going offline.

What is the fix?

This year has also started on a low note for them. Recent posts inform that they are yet to pinpoint the root cause of their server problems. The nightmare for ShowBox fans seems to be never-ending. Re-installing the app supposedly fixes the problem and restores the app to maximum efficiency. The problem can also fix itself automatically. One has to be really patient to resist the urge to go for the re-installation option.

Bugs that infect applications like these are often really hard to locate. A company like ShowBox obviously has a huge database to store all their movies. The bug hides among all those files and waits to be requested by a user via the server. Once the bug gets into the server, problems arise. We hope that showbox will find a long-term solution soon. Developments on the story will be communicated.