Services Down: Telstra, SWTOR, SonyLiv and Fortnite

We all know how online gaming is the new ‘it’ thing. The fact of being able to play the same game while miles apart is truly mind-blowing. However, there has been reports coming in that some of them are not working correctly at the moment. They are the following:

  • SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic)
  • Fortnite
  • SonyLiv
  • Telstra

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Via their official twitter account, the developers confirmed that the game servers would be down for six hours pending a scheduled maintenance drill. This spells doom for the fanatics since it is impossible to play the game at the moment without the servers. No servers means no data, no data means no accounts, no accounts means no players. But not for long!

Fortnite and Telstra issues

Fortnite has stolen the hearts of many gamers all around the world sine they launched in 2017. The game has even won awards such the ‘Teens choice award for Choice Video game’. Players have however complained of problems such as the disabling of matchmaking. The message displayed on the screen is that they are working hard to bring it back up.

Telstra internet service has also somewhat failed customers. There are posts all over twitter of people complaining of slow internet or complete failure ‘again’. There has been no tangible information from the company so far. They have only communicated about issues affecting mobile calls and data in Japan.


There has also been reports about SonyLiv being down as well. A lot of people use their app to stream live matches. Usually, they offer very good service. But today it ruined the day for many sports fans. The app failed to load during the final 30-odd minutes of the India versus Australia second ODI match. SonyLiv has replied to the complaints by asking for further elaboration and screenshots from the affected customers on twitter.