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How To Download And Save YouTube Videos on iPhone / iPad

While YouTube is the pioneer of revolutionizing videos, it has always restricted users from downloading and saving videos to their devices. If you’re an avid user of YouTube, then you must have, at some point come across a video that you wanted to download to your iPhone or iPad.

Although YouTube will never mainstream this feature on its platform, there are many tricks that will enable you to save videos to your device. You could easily use online YouTube downloader tools, pay for software, or download an unofficial app, YouTube++ that provides new features.

We’ll show you how to use different methods of downloading and saving videos from YouTube to your iPhone or iPad.

Disclaimer: Legality is not guaranteed for the downloaded videos. It should be okay as long as you don’t attempt to benefit financially from the downloaded YouTube videos and just use it for personal uses.

Download YouTube Videos with Online Video Downloaders:

The easiest method for downloading and saving YouTube videos is through online video downloaders, which are usually free of charge, don’t require an installation of any additional software, and can be conveniently used on any device, including iPhone and iPad. is one such example which offers a YouTube video downloader. You can use a third-party browser for this website to download and save videos to your iPhone.

All you have to do is go to the App Store and download DManager on your iPhone/iPad. Once it’s installed, open DManager and type the following URL in the bar and press Enter: Once the site loads, paste the link of the YouTube video on the input field, then press Download. The page provides a list of all the video resolutions available and their download links. Just tap and hold on a download button, then press Download from the menu that appears.

You can view the progress of the video downloader on the Downloads tab. Once your video has been downloaded, tap and hold the file and select Open In. From the menu that appears, select Save Video to save the video to your gallery.

You can now view the video that you just saved.

Download YouTube++ and Download Videos:

YouTube++ is an unofficial YouTube app that introduces the ability to download and save videos on iPhone/iPad.

For starters, you need to download the YouTube++ IPA file on to your desktop. Alternatively, download Cydia Impactor for Windows, Mac or Linux.

The next step is to connect your iPhone to the computer and open up Cydia Impactor. Then drag and drop the YouTube++ IPA file onto Cydia Impactor. Cydia Impactor will install YouTube++ on your iPhone. Once installed, you should have the app on your device. Now open the YouTube++ and download the video of your choice. A new Download button will appear next to the Share option. Tap on it to start downloading the video.

YouTube Conversion Software:

One last method can be using a YouTube conversion software that can be installed on your computer. You can browse with ease and download videos in 1080p and transfer it to your iPhone/iPad.

AiryYTD Downloader and AnyUTube are some of the softwares / tools you can try.