Samsung To Upgrade Galaxy S10 Camera With New Features

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone released well over a month ago, and the next anticipated Samsung phone launching soon will be the Galaxy S10.

The device has already been in the news for quite some time now with major leaks occurring every now and then. It’s expected that the leaks and rumors will continue to occur as the release date gets nearer..

The latest speculation regarding the upcoming Galaxy S10 is about a long requested camera feature being included in the new upgrade.

The feature will possibly be involving a different from the standard, digital zoom functionality, as 2x optical zoom achieved through the telephoto lens does not reduce the photo quality.

However, there are two limitations in this feature. Firstly, good lighting conditions are a prerequisite for it. And second, this feature is not at all available in the camera’s Pro mode.

This limitation was present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S9+ as well as the newly released Galaxy Note 9. Obviously, people aren’t too happy about it and voicing their concerns on online platforms.

  • Had the same problem with the note 8 and now on the s9 plus. I don’t understand why Samsung won’t give control over the 2x lens in pro mode
  • Samsung are ignoring this problem. Bad ethics. The 2x zoom does not work in pro mode. Cripples the camera use. £900 camera phone and you cannot use the 2x zoom in ‘PRO MODE’, only in automatic mode. It’s insane. C’mon you suits at Samsung. Acknowledge the problem and do something about it
  • I have the phone for 7 days and this is the only disappointment of this phone. I’m a photographer and was expecting to use the 2x lens in PRO mode! Very disappointed!

Earlier this year, officials at the Samsung forum said that they have  forwarded the request to the relevant development team responsible for fixing such issues. And they have now shared the response they received from the development team.

The response from the development team strongly suggests that the Note 8, S9+, and Note 9 users won’t be getting the feature anytime soon, at least until a newer upgrade launches, which could definitely be a reference to the upcoming Galaxy S10.

Other rumors for the Galaxy S10 so far are:

Design and display

The leaks all indicate to a slimmer bezel-free design, three different screen sizes and a 19:9 aspect ratio and 1440 x 3040 resolution. The new aspect ratio will make it stand taller than the 18:5:9 Galaxy S9 phone.

The images leaked online show a curved screen handset and almost bezel-free on any edge, thus the front-facing camera may be built into the screen itself. In addition, it looks like the Bixby button is making another return with the power and volume buttons

Of the three rumored screens, one apparently codenamed ‘Beyond 0’, is said to have a 5.8-inch screen which might also be flat. Then there’s another one, codenamed as ‘Beyond 1’, which apparently has a 5.8-inch curved screen, and a ‘Beyond 2’, which will have a 6.2-inch curved screen.

Biometric security

We have further evidence to expect an in-screen fingerprint scanner and an improved 3D face scanner. If that turns out to be true, the Galaxy S10 would be following in the steps of the Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS and the Vivo Nex.

Some reports claim it will use a third generation Qualcomm ultrasonic scanner, and that Samsung has felt pressured to do so following the success of both Vivo and Huawei having phones with in-screen scanners.

According to speculation by OLED Info, Samsung might be going even further and placing speakers in the screen as well as the earpiece.


The camera specs being rumored so far include the addition of a triple-lens rear camera on the top-end model, a dual-lens front-facing camera along with 12MP, 13MP, and 16MP lenses. The triple lens would make sense if Samsung wants to give competition to Huawei P20’s rumored triple lens phone.


The new phone will most likely be using Snapdragon 855. A 7nm chipset which is smaller, powerful and more efficient than the Snapdragon 845

The 855 will also be capable of supporting download speeds of up to 2Gbps, an upgrade from 1.2Gbps on the Galaxy S9.

As for the RAM, Samsung has developed an 8GB RAM chip built on a 10nm process.