Samsung to remove Calendar Edge in March 2019

Samsung is a company that is always looking ahead. In terms of new technology and innovation, they are quite ahead of the game. We have seen them achieve features we never thought was possible at the beginning of last year. Wireless charging is one feature that users have really appreciated. The conventional cable technology is a thing of the past now. The really good companies, top dogs like Apple always have a triumph card up their sleeves. Since the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S10 is this month, we can expect a lot of reports coming in. Today, we talk about this Samsung Edge feature they plan to edit.

The curved edges technology employed by Samsung Edge has worked well for a lot of users. First introduced on the Note Edge back in 2014, it has grown to be one of the company’s much coveted features. If I was any of the other capable companies, I would mimic this awesome feature. Is it that they can’t do it? Maybe Samsung Edge won’t give up the secret ingredients to the feature. However, I doubt Apple is unable to realize the feature, I reckon it is a matter of honor and originality. No one wants to come off as the copycat obviously.

On the Samsung Edge, they created a separate Eco-system for the curved edge. Even on stand-by mode, users can interact with the curved edge to view notifications or news updates. Samsung rolled out a prompt to Samsung Edge users informing them that the Calendar edge feature will be removed. Note that it is not the whole curved feature that is subject to change here. Some users are unhappy with the decision saying that the calendar edge feature was the only one they used on the daily.

Why is the Samsung Edge feature going away?

At the moment, it is hard to say. The company is yet to release an official statement on the matter. Stay tuned as we are trying to get the reason behind this surprise edit. I think the calendar feature is quite alright and shouldn’t be removed. But that’s just me.