Samsung to introduce wireless charging feature in S10

Samsung has long been Apple’s fiercest rival. The Korean based company has amassed a huge following over the years. With perfect balance between high-end and low-end phones, the company has reached lots of people. Their cutting-edge hardware is what keeps their customers coming. However, in the past users have been accusing them of copying Apple’s designs. This is history now with companies such as Huawei on the rise. The reverse wireless charging feature Huawei developed has gained them a lot of publicity. The idea was very fresh and well implemented. Something Samsung are planning to emulate on all four Galaxy S10 models.

This year, Samsung will be releasing their Galaxy S10. The device is causing a lot of buzz as fans try to figure out which features will be implemented in the new release. Since Samsung have already achieved the foldable phone prototype, they will feel like they can achieve anything. Wireless charging is the new ‘it’ factor in high end phones as demonstrated by Huawei. The Chinese based company recently had a problem with the Twitter app compatibility but that is all. All other news about Huawei is positive. From how much their stocks have risen due to their end-year releases last year.

How will it work?

It is quite simple to understand the technology. Supposedly, it will be called Powershare. Much like Huawei devices, all you need to do is turn on the feature and place a Qi-compatible device on the back. Will this form of charging be faster? With the introduction of fast charging cable tech, it is hard to say. Although there have not been complaints from the Huawei side of things, Samsung’s implementation is still questionable.

First, the release of the Galaxy S10 is almost here, do they have the time? I would imagine that such intricate technology requires months to be implemented. Samsung just released the Galaxy S9 a few months ago. This raises a few eyebrows with respect to their ability to deliver the new feature. However, time will tell.