Samsung Pay opening at random intervals on Galaxy S10

Of late the phone industry has been having a lot of activity. It being a new year, everyone wants to improve on last year’s performance. You would think that Apple of all people would have already started their comeback by now. Although the release of the Powerbeats Pro will be a step in the right direction once it happens. Having released three flagship model devices already, Samsung looks well ahead of the competition. However, companies like Huawei are hot on their heels. Speaking of the Samsung flagship, Samsung Pay opening seems to be the new glitch in town. We have posted about a couple of other problems facing Galaxy S10 users. And I have to say that they are starting to be quite troublesome.

Mobile payment methods have started picking up the pace. Reports say that Google for one is shocked as to how slow that part of the industry is growing. It would seem quite obvious that people would automatically prefer an easier way of paying for things. But users have a tendency of always surprising us. Battery drainage has been a major problem for Samsung Galaxy S10 users. The Samsung Pay opening has now come to do more harm to an already struggling device. Before this new development, users were complaining that the proximity sensor made the device screen switch on while in the pocket. Which ultimately drains the battery mercilessly. I doubt whether they have rolled a fix for that bug. And already here we are with more bad news.

Samsung Pay opening

Back in 2014, Apple led the way in introducing mobile pay with Apple pay. It seemed quite an amazing idea but the growth graph hasn’t been as steep as they had hoped. However, I found that such dynamics when done correctly succeed a lot. For example, the M-Pesa regime developed by Kenya’s very own Safaricom. The mobile payment system has gone to the extent of winning awards. Do these tech giants have something to learn from this third world country? So it seems.

This glitch continues to trouble a lot of users who in turn are taking to Reddit to complain. Some users even threatened to buy a new device if the phone Samsung Pay opening glitch comes up again. Sadly, it will. The image below shows an example of a device that has Samsung pay recorded with the most number of openings. When does that ever happen? No matter how rich you are, I doubt you could reach that number just like that.