Samsung Gear S3 Owners Facing Battery Drainage Issues

Pesky battery related issues have become a nuisance for a lot of Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch users for quite a while now.

The complaints revolve around users experiencing massive battery drain, with the juice running out in just a couple of hours. Making it useless for the entire day, not to mention a colossal waste of good money.

Some user reports below could give a better idea of the problem:

  • I just bought my S3 Frontier last week. It was fine for the first couple of days, now it’s draining the battery at an alarming rate. Changing the settings on the watch make NO DIFFERENCE. Even going into POWER SAVE does not stop it from happening. Luckily, I am still within the 14 day return window at Best Buy. Guess this thing is going back. I really wanted to love this watch, but there is no way I am waiting for Samsung to fix this while my return window goes away
  • Getting the watch from the charger, it indicates 100% charge. The watch only last about 5 hours. Before putting the watch back on the charger, it indicated 10% battery. Once on the charger, the watch indicates 75% charged and it only take 20 minutes to go back to 100% charge!! The whole problem starts again!

Previous online discussion threads indicate that the battery drainage issue of the Samsung Gear S3 isn’t exactly a new problem), however for some reason user complaints have experienced a massive influx. Many users reported experiencing the issue recently which is quite a while after the last device update.

Complaints reported:

  • First abnormal drain happened yesterday. Watch was ran out of juice by 11am
  • Not really a coincidence. I live in Brazil and the same thing started to happen yesterday. 100% to 0% in around 10 hours. NO UNUSUAL USAGE. Once it reached 20% and I activated the power save mode, the battery was fully dead in less than one hour
  • Owned the S3 Frontier for five months, haven’t changed any settings in the last couple months. Charged it Saturday night, woke up Monday morning to a dead battery. Charged it again Monday and had 100% at 9am. Went to bed with it having only dropped about 10% over the day, and was woken up at 5:30am Tuesday to the low battery warning. I use DND between 10p and 6a, no AOD, no gesture or bezel wake up, and the phone is on my night stand so BT connected

The sudden battery drainage problem hasn’t yet received a diagnosis. But Samsung has been on the forefront of the issue and promised a fix soon.

A Samsung forum moderator posted this information recently for users.



So, that at least assures the Gear S3 smartwatch users a permanent solution is indeed in the works. However no update so far on the timeline for the fix is available so users might just have to wait patiently for a while.