Samsung Galaxy S11 might not be what we expect

Samsung has already released its first batch of flagships this year in the name of the Galaxy S10. Although some users have been complaining about a few bugs here and there, sales are still looking good for the tech giant. Fans are now looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It is expected to hit markets sometime in summer. There have been plenty of leaks about the device, read about them here. As odd as it will sound to some of you, Samsung Galaxy S11 rumors have already begun to surface. We all knew that it was only a matter of time. However, the rumors are not exactly good news. Because they seem to suggest that the device will lack an exciting new design.

Galaxy S11 upcoming features

Reports form Ice Universe inform us that the Samsung Galaxy S11 is codenamed, Picasso. These names are often just for internal use by Samsung. As it is with most of the leaks, it was not very informative. However, we picked up something quite interesting. Apparently, Samsung was going to release more creative devices in the second half of the year. What makes it more interesting is the fact that the report made it clear that he wasn’t talking about the Note 10. Could it be the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Time will tell.

More importantly what are the improvements to expect? It has been clear that the punch hole design might not have been such a brilliant idea after all. A lot of the bugs and glitches pestering users rise from the punch hole display. We even saw an article saying that Samsung’s Face ID could be unlocked by a video of the owner. Many would say that this is because there is no space to place enough sensors to make the feature accurate. Apple seems to use this same fact as an excuse to keep the notch they so desperately hang on to. But to say the truth, the Face ID is quite secure on iOS.

Reports from China indicate that Samsung is working on a true full screen. But won’t feature in the Samsung Galaxy S11. This makes me wonder, how much into the future do these companies go? Because this device is set to be released in 2020 and yet we’re already talking about it. The same way we discuss the PlayStation 5 like it’s coming out today and yet we have to wait till summer of next year. But like always, take every fact here with a grain of salt.