Samsung Galaxy S11 and Note 10 might implement new camera tech

Samsung has grown to be among the biggest tech companies in the world. In terms of hardware they are quite unquestionably the best. While phone companies such as One Plus struggle to achieve a foldable smartphone, they already showed theirs at the CES 2019. Apple, their biggest competitor has big plans for the year according to recent reports. If Samsung have a card up their sleeves, they would want to play it on one or both of their 2019 releases – Samsung Galaxy S11 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Reports say that Samsung intends to buy an Israeli company. Supposedly, they are a key player in revolutionizing Samsung’s camera technology. Striking a deal worth $150 million is clear indication of the weight of the matter. Have you seen the cameras on the Note series? The resolution is amazing. I’m unable to imagine how a camera can become better  than that. Maybe sharpening the zooming aspect? Or maybe there is a major breakthrough in the cards for them this year.

Corephotonics, the Israeli company, specializes in ‘Folded camera optics’. Mostly, they turn the normal camera into a sort of periscope. Imagine this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S11. I can’t picture exactly how a periscope fits into all this but I hope it’s awesome. The company reportedly want to use this feature as a way to fit in a zoom property. Oppo recently came up with a lens capable of 10x optical zoom. Quite impressive if you think about how hard it is to establish even 5x optical zoom. We saw Oppo do all this at the Mobile World Congress this year. Sounds like competition is quite stiff!

Zoom property improvement on the Samsung Galaxy S11?

Since the company was bought only recently, they have not produced a production model yet. Users will really appreciate a good zoom property. Once, I caught a really beautiful sunset but my phone’s lens couldn’t zoom well enough for me get a good shot. I was so disappointed, all I have to show for it now is a low quality shot that looks like I was trying too hard. Save us Samsung!

With respect to videos, the zoom property will do much good. We’ve all seen how the zoom transitions on today’s phones is poor. Improvements really need to be made. Will Samsung come through? Or is it all a dream? Time will tell.