Samsung Galaxy S11 almost a year away but leaks are already out

This year Samsung has proved to the competition how far ahead they are. Although companies like Huawei seem to be hot on their heels, it is still quite clear who is ahead. Since they released their first flagship devices of the year this fact is almost unquestionable. Actually, the fact that Apple still sticks to notch technology is a clear indication that they are still stuck in the past. However, reports say that the lack of a notch takes away pivotal processors used for Face ID. This explains why Samsung’s facial recognition can be fooled by a video of the user. This is quite disappointing but we can try to understand that they sacrificed efficiency for the sake of design. The Samsung Galaxy S11 is already starting to be talked about. Chances are that the device will be released at around the same time Galaxy S10 launched.

We all know that Samsung is cultured to release two flagship devices in a year. When the Galaxy S10 series came out it features three devices – Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 plus. Reports also suggest that there may be a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in the works. At this point, I don’t doubt that Samsung can achieve this. Here are some of the improvements expected on Samsung Galaxy S11:

  • A Qualcomm 5G chip

5G technology is quite a hot topic in the market at the moment. However, no one has implemented it so far. There have just been patents by companies like OnePlus and Samsung of course. As a matter of fact, they had promised a 5G model among the S10 series. This goes to prove that a similar chip will be used on the Samsung Galaxy S11.

  • Samsung Galaxy S11 is likely to go with USB-C this time

Everyone knows how the present port is frustrating. The reason for this is like in countries like mine where most people use Android getting a charger is a hustle. Even legitimate earphones are hard to find. So finally the company has decided to move away from the current implementation to adopt the USB-C. Just today I thought I had purchased legit Apple earphones but I had to go back and pick others. It was really sad to see how poor the quality was.

  • Name change?

Reports suggest that Samsung might finally change the name of its models from here on. We actually just used the Galaxy S11 as a placeholder till we get more information on the matter. Once we do, we will keep you updated as usual.