Samsung Galaxy S10 users spot an unexplained white blinking pixel

Samsung has never failed us when it comes to new technology. We saw them finesse the curve feature they added to the Samsung Galaxy S6. I have to admit that I was very impressed by the technology. It was something that had never been seen before. Something Samsung seems to have perfected in recent times. The punch hole design on the Samsung Galaxy S10 is among the improvements that are specific to just Samsung. However, the brand will never lack critics. I being one of them.Today we critic a tiny blinking pixel that appears near the front camera punch hole. Is this a glitch?

Since the device is still new, there has not been a lot of chatter about it. Although reviews suggest that the device be rated 9/10. According to its features, I’m not surprised it gets such a good rating. The users that have come across this ‘bug’ have posted it on social media platforms like Reddit. Most of them are not really complaining since it’s not really an issue. Users just want to know that they are not alone in this. During a call and while listening to a WhatsApp message is when the pixel begins to blink.

Samsung Galaxy S10 blinking pixel

The exact reason for its blinking is yet to be uncovered but some users have come up with theories. Apparently, the blinking pixel seems to be working like a proximity sensor. During a phone call, when you cover the part that’s blinking the whole screen goes off. As most phones do when you bring it closer to your ear during a call. I’m not sure whether all devices turn the proximity sensor on during WhatsApp calls. However, WhatsApp calls are not that much different from ordinary calls. This blinking can be confused with the ordinary LED. Something that is very much different.